Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If you haven't read "Is That Really a Thing?!" from last week, I urge you to do so.

My little article about Mantyhose (yes, panythose for men) was apparently so controversial that it garnered responses from several people, including a couple of guys who actually wear Mantyhose, a woman who didn't like my "characterization of women," and Steve Newman, the marketing director of ActivSkin (who, apparently, sells Mantyhose).

I'm not sure if part of Mr. Newman's job description is to sit at his desk and Google to see who's talking about the latest trends in gentlemen's hosiery... sorry, one moment... I still can't keep a straight face when I put those words together... ahem! My point is, how did he find little ol' me?!

It's always great to hear feedback from readers, especially if it's from a vastly different perspective than my own. However, on this particular topic, I found Mr. Newman's post kind of funny at first... I was wondering if THAT was really a thing!

After talking with Steve, pictured right, he actually doesn't seem crazy. And truthfully, he is so passionate about his product (really, he is - I am not making that up) that you sort of can't help but be endeared to him. Thus, I'm going to be "doin' me some research," and I will write a follow-up piece to explain what I've learned. 

So, be sure to tune in for a Mantyhose update!
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  1. Thanks, Jess... er, I think.

  2. Well I'm sure you will find every conceivable viewpoint on this topic. You will find some who wear tights (UK sense, avoids the silly word mantyhose!) not publically for genuine reasons - and a minority in my opinion; some who wear publically under shorts; and others who worship and adore tights and the way they feel. It is sometimes difficult to see where group two ends and group three starts, but note now often those in group three claim they were introduced to wearing by women (mother, sister, sales girl etc. never a man, and how desperate they are for female approval of this (my girlfriend finds it OK), bring up weak arguments like men wore tights first 250 years ago, which considering the garment was only invented 50 years ago seems to stretch a point!

  3. "I will write a follow-up piece to explain what I've learned."

    We're still waiting!! Or has the oddball community that infests discussions of this finally put you off? Couldn't blame you if it has.